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Back injuries can be a slight problem and at the other end of the scale they can be extremely excruciating and debilitating. People take part in many activities that actually do create a threat on the health of their backs such as sports, dancing and lifting heavy objects or weights.

The Causes of Back Pain

A pain in the back can be caused from just overdoing a task or activity and moving your body incorrectly. However a back pain can also be caused by fatigue, scoliosis, the leg length inequality and even emotional or mental stress. As well as those causes there are others including poor position, sustaining an earlier injury, pregnancy and holding too much weight on the body. All of these can be the cause or highly contribute to back pain.

The Treatment of Back Pain

One of the main issues that contribute to a pain in the back is bad posture. You can have wrong posture when you are sitting, standing, walking and sleeping. If you hold a poor posture in any one of these areas you may be a prime candidate for a sore back. It can cause you to experience tension and even incredible pain. Women are usually the ones who will suffer with a back pain due to posture and this is because of the activities a women does on a daily basis, from picking up the children’s toys, carrying children, to the shopping. If you sat at a desk for the entire day make sure you invest in a chair that allows you to sit correctly with your back straight, eyes level with the computer and knees horizontal with your hips. You can invest in a stability ball, have a professional fitness instructor give you a few tips on how to use it as this will help you strengthen your muscles in your back.

The Prevention of a Bad Back

Make sure you always carry heavier items using the correct lifting maneuver. This means that you keep your feet hip width apart, looking forward, keeping your back straight and bending from the knees only. Make sure that you ask for help if the item is too heavy. Do not sleep with too many pillows in your bed, your head should not be too high lifted. As far as the mattress is concerned there are many debates about the pros and cons of the hard mattress versus the softer version. Gentle exercise is great for you in many areas of life, but that doesn’t mean overdoing it and doing it correctly with the right posture.

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