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Why is it so important to pick theright mattress?

There are all kinds of different types of people in the world, and nomatter their daily activities and interests they've all got one thingin common – sleeping. Most people sleep in beds, it's the mostcommon way really, but some even do it on couches, chairs or evenfloors. Whatever the case may be, any person in the world needs agood mattress to get a good night's sleep. What's more, beds don'tcome in cheap these days (the prices range from $400 to $500 forcheap single beds or $15,000 to $20,000 for the somewhat moreexpensive, king size kind).

There is a huge variety of mattresses out there. This is why a personis to (somewhat shamelessly) try out each and every available kind (and size) to make sure it will provide sufficient comfort for one ofthe most important of the daily activities.

The next step would be picking the right surplus accessories, such asmattress covers and the like. Various mattress covers have differentfunctions, such as: providing additional comfort or protecting thebed from spills, leaks and bed bugs. The price range of mattresscovers is about $30 to $200, presumably depending on the product'sfunctionality and quality.

Picking the right mattress (both the type and the model) could becritical to a person's back health. This means it could make all thedifference between morning back pain and a good night's sleep. Thisis why it is important to take the time and pick, not only merelybetween spring and tempur-pedic, but also take into account thevarious particularities withing each category.

Whatare the different types of mattresses?

Thissection offers a glimpse into various types of mattressesavailable to pick from. It aims to offer at least the slightest bitof info to the potential buyer, that he may more easily make the choice that is right for him.

InnerspringMattresses are made from wires. The structure is somewhat more rigidand, one would dare say, crude. This is much due to the fact that thestructure is held up by (300 – 800) coils and is further reinforcedby a border-wire. The top of the structure is most frequentlyseparated from the sleeper by a layer of insulation or tough padding.

Airmattresses are highly portable and are (thus) frequently used foroutdoor trips, camping and hospital beds. The comfort of the mattressmay be adjusted according to the amount of air contained. Thisvariable is relevantly adjustable according to either side of themattress.

Othermattresses to take into consideration are: foam mattresses (developedby for NASA's astronauts during the 70's), visco-elastic mattresses(these may be quite costly, but are also a highly ergonomic choice;they are also known as memory foam mattresses) and latex mattresses(these would according to the sleeper's body to ensure maximumcomfort and durability; they also prevent the human body from gettingoverheated during sleep due to their breath ability).

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