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Everyone who suffers from asthma is at risk of experiencingasthma attack when exposed to the triggers. This is why it is important to knowand be well informed about possible asthma triggers, as well as the triggers thatmight be dangerous for an individual. In this way, these factors can be either eliminatedfrom the surroundings, provided it is possible, or exposure to them can bereduced and avoided as much as possible. In some people, the trigger can besome food allergy, dust mites, or some other factor that causes inflammation,while in others, irritants such as smoke, emotional reactions which are upsetting,or even changes in the temperature can cause the asthma attack.

Is it really possible to manage asthma naturally?

Even though people who suffer from this problem rely on bronchodilatorsand other medications that prevent or stop the asthma attack, the fact is thatthis health problem can be managed with the help of some natural methods. However,it does not mean that the person should not consult a doctor or stop usingmedications right away. No, this would definitely not bring any positiveresults. It is necessary to find out which natural remedy works best in eachparticular case, and even after this is determined, the person should combinenatural ways of treatment with conventional methods.

Ginseng is one of the useful oriental herbs because itreduces the inflammation or irritation of the bronchi. Its anti-inflammatorycharacteristics make it more than helpful in such situations.Wild licorice is another useful herb, which is also effectivein cases of lung inflammation caused by asthma. Still, those who consider usingit should be extra careful if they are already using steroids, because theireffectiveness can be increased by this herb.The recommended daily dosage of magnesium is 500 mg, and itis best to take it through the supplements. Magnesium is known for its positiveeffect on the airways in the lungs, because it widens them, which makes thebreathing easier.The diet should be enriched with omega-3 fatty acids andvitamin C, and both of them can be found in natural form. Fish, particularlytuna and salmon, and nuts and seeds are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids,while citrus fruits are particularly rich in vitamin C. While omega-3 fattyacids are known for their potential to reduce swelling in the lungs, vitamin Cwhen taken in higher quantities neutralizes negative effects of free radicalswhich asthma attacks introduce.

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