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Asthma attack home remedies

Many asthma attack home remedies and natural treatments exist, which a person can use in those cases of emergency. Specific food, spices and vitamins are included in a large number of them. Asthma is a respiratory disease and it has an impact on trachea and bronchial tubes. This makes them inflamed and full of mucus which makes breathing quite hard. Symptoms include wheezing, tight chest and coughing. Children and young adults are mostly affected by asthma. Depending on the type of asthma and how bad it is, there are lots of things that can set it into motion. Those who have tried everything and still have trouble breathing, should try some asthma attack home remedies. This stuff should help lessen the pain until a person can reach a doctor.

Asthma Attack Home Remedies For Sufferers

Vitamin B6 and B12 are known for its power to decrease inflammation in the lungs in drastic measures. A natural cure for lots of inflammatory problems is vitamin C which is also known for increasing the amounts of oxygen in the body. Coffee may help, because caffeine can dilate the bronchial airways. A natural herb called Ginkgo biloba reduces the frequency of asthma attacks. A thing that should also help is mustard oil mixed with camphor and then rubbed into the back of the chest. There is also an old Indian remedy. It is one teaspoon of Turmeric powder in milk with honey. To ease the breathing, a person that suffers from an asthma attack should bend over a bowl of honey and inhale for a couple of minutes. It helps as well to inhale from boiling water mixed with caraway seeds. Hot licorice root tea may help as well. It should be brewed for about 10 minutes. In order to expel infected mucus from the lungs, a person should chew fennel on a regular, daily basis.

A majority of people use inhalers or a nebulizer with prescribed Albuterol. Keeping a clean and dust-free house will also help. A person should take a close look at his or her house to see whether there is something that can cause an asthma attack. Nowadays, there are anti-asthma designed pillows, sheets and blankets. Avoiding dairy products may help as well because dairy products are known to create mucus which blocks the airways. One thing that a person who suffers from asthma should not forget is that it can be fatal. Therefore, no asthma attack home remedies can replace a prescription medication.

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