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Asthma is a chronic condition that affects the respiratory system and it is marked by the narrowed, swollen and inflamed airways that produce a lot of mucus, thus causing the breathing very difficult. The most frequent warning signs of asthma are coughing, short breath and wheezing, while sometimes pain in chest may appear, too. This condition is not curable, but it must be controlled, because otherwise, untreated asthma flare-ups can lead to the serious asthma attack. When a person notices some of the symptoms of asthma, it is important to visit a doctor.

Natural remedies of asthma

There are several natural remedies that may be very good at treating asthma. Buteyko breathing technique helps the people with asthma to breathe much easier by shallow-breathing exercises. It is thought that high level of carbon dioxide in blood helps those with asthma. By the means of Buteyko breathing technique, the level of carbon dioxide is raised.

Another natural remedy of asthma is Omega fatty acids. Arachidonic acid is regarded to be one of the main causes for the inflammation, and it is an ingredient of egg yolks, meat and shellfish. If a person with asthma eats less of these foods, the symptoms of asthma may be significantly reduced. In order to decrease the level of this acid, omega-3 fatty acids are taken, and they are available in the form of capsules. The people who suffer from asthma must consume healthy foods that include a lot of fruits and vegetables, such as apple, tomato, carrot, and leafy vegetables.

Butterbur is an herb that contains petasin and isopetasin, and these two ingredients are very effective in reducing inflammation, as well as in decreasing spasm of the smooth muscle. This herb has several side effects that may appear, such as nausea, vomiting, headache and indigestion. Sometimes diarrhea and constipation may occur. Butterbur is not recommended for pregnant women, children and for those that have the kidney or heart problems.

Bromelain is also very helpful for the treating of asthma, and it is an extract from pineapple, used for reducing the inflammation.

Boswellia is an herb that is very effective in preventing the production of leukotrienes, which cause the narrowing of the airways in the lungs. It can be found in the pill form and the unwanted effects of this pill are nausea, diarrhea and acid reflux. Furthermore, it is recommended to lose weight if a person with asthma has the problem with obesity. Some practitioners also suggest biofeedback as a natural remedy for asthma.

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