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Patients with asthma will confirm how dangerous and discomforting this condition can be. The effect it creates is the similar to those experienced while trying to get air sucking from a straw. One of the most common symptom is coughing during the night, while wheezing does not have to be evident in every case. Many consider this a very serious condition, while others do not. However, be sure that is it serious.

The number of patients with asthma is constantly on the rise. One of the causes of asthma is the bronchial tube narrowing. The tube mentioned is used to move the air to the lungs. This problem is called bronchoconstriction and it impairs the move of the air in and out from the lungs. The reason for this narrowing is unknown even today, but the professionals figure out that inflammation is the key. The airways get inflamed thus creates the bronchoconstriction which leads to asthma.

Many factors may aid the development of asthma, from molds, cold weather, strenuous exercising, chemical sensitivity, pollens, air pollution, cigarettes, and to even pets. The cause can also be attributed to food and some medications. Problems like flue, colds and sinus infection can increase the problems caused by asthma.


There is the possibility of asthma-menstrual problems, but nothing that can relieve this problem exists. However, there is a way to prevent it, and there are drugs which can open the tube which gets narrowed. They are called bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory drugs, but according to many scientists, other methods should be incorporated. One doctor from New York managed to decrease the use of medications for 60% after six weeks of the treatment and the same success was also seen among the people involved in the study that he conducted. These results were repeated in the 60% of the people involved in the study. Treatment consisted of the two medications mentioned and several other methods. Remember that medications should not be excluded without the previous consultation with the doctor.

One of the supplements that proved to be very effective is the vitamin C, since it reduces respiratory and asthma problems. One study noticed that asthma patients suffer from lack of vitamin C and several other nutrients, and according to this study, the adult asthma patient should consumed 1000 mg of vitamin C every day. Magnesium is also important, since the studies showed that low levels of magnesium makes a person more susceptible to asthma. Patients should eat nuts, soy food, low fat dairies, seafood, and whole grains, since they are rich in magnesium. Because of this problem, 500 mg of magnesium is needed per one day.

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