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Several things might make you feel better, almost immediately.Look at our suggestions, choose the one that suits you best and banish those badthoughts or PMS, or even anxiety and depression you have been feeling.

Some people might actually need therapy to fight theirdepression or anxiety. If that’s your case, consult your doctor to find somenatural treatments that will work for you. Always inform your doctor if andwhen you decide to go with some natural remedies, whether you want to use themon their own or combine them with prescribed medications. Your doctor will beable to suggest the treatment that suits your needs.

Natural Mood Boosters

Physical activity is proven to be efficient in improving themood. While you exercise, your body releases several natural substances, suchas serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, making your brain (and you consequently)feel much better and healthier.

Socialize and talk to people. Don’t isolate yourself, evenif you’re not feeling great. People close to you, your friends and family maybe actually of great help when you are down. It’s also good to express yourfeelings, whatever they are. When you can’t force yourself to say or cry it outloud, try writing them down, it might be helpful.

Laugh often. Find something or someone that makes you smile.It can be a pet, a comedy movie or anything else you find funny, because smilingcan help you fight against stress hormones.

Sleep is very important for people that don’t feel all right.The amount of sleep might be individual, but for most people somewhere between6 and 8 hours of sleep is sufficient. But remember that only quality sleepcounts. So, go to bed early, dim the lights and eat some nuts or take tryptophansupplements before bedtime and ensure a proper good night sleep.

When awake remember that the sunshine can also wake you upfully, by stopping the sleep hormone and stimulating serotonin, needed for thedaily functions. Sunlight is also found to be a successful source againstseasonal affective disorder and depression.

Supplements That Can Make You Feel Better

Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, vitamin B andmagnesium supplements have been scientifically confirmed as effective moodboosters.

Fish oil, found in mackerel, tuna, salmon, sardines,herring, black cod and many other fish is proven to be able to improve yourmood. These fish, as well as some fish oil supplement contain omega essentialacids, which are the active ingredients against bad mood.

Vitamin B rich food or supplements are said to fighteveryday stress, tiredness and moodiness.

Magnesium is a necessity for our brain, and because of thatmagnesium supplements are especially valuable in people wanting to improve theway they feel.

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