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There are many ways today of home treatments of rheumatoid arthritis, or RA in short. Natural, homeopathic and home therapies gain in popularity over the past several years. Basic home treatments for RA can be summoned in several categories; relaxation remedies, natural supplements, magnets, herbs and massage and moist – heat therapies.

Some of those therapies and treatments are still in experimental stage; some of them are not guaranteed to work. But, you can try several of them, and see how they work for you.

Magnets are established itself by now as good alternative therapy for pain management on cases of RA. There are various types of magnets in stores, such as disks, bracelets, inserts, etc. Although doctors do not exactly understand how magnets work, they are shown good effects in older patients with RA.

Natural supplement that showed good effects on RA patient are fish oil (omega 3 fats in fish are most beneficial in preventing risks of heart deceases, which are elevated in patients with RA), borage seed oil (which have excellent anti inflammatory properties) and thunder god vine (which has pain decreasing capabilities).

Biofeedback, as part of mental / body therapy is a method when electrodes attached to certain point on your body reacts to your positive sound, thoughts or pictures.

Heat cold treatments are also very popular and effective with RA patients. Heat tends to stimulate blood flow and relaxes the muscles, while cold reduces swelling and inflammation.

Progressive muscle relaxation and deep abdominal breathing are some of exercise devised to lessen the pain and relax the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine has successfully used acupuncture for several thousand years. With licensed and skillful acupuncture practitioner, your symptoms of RA can be significantly lessen, and sometimes totally gone.

Tai chi exercises also have a long tradition, and are widely popular, especially amongst older population of Chinese people. Their movements are slow and graceful, and they can help you with bettering your blood flow and diminish the pain.

Meditation is mental technique whose goal is to mentally and physically relax you. It reduces strain and stress significantly, thus helping you with your RA problems. Meditation not only reduces depression and anxiety, but improves resilience and concentration.

Visualization is also a mental technique that can help you with RA symptoms. It can reduce pain, anxiety and stress. With this technique, you breathe deeply, close your eyes and visualize or imagine some beautiful and calm place in you mind.

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