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Effects of Magnesium

Magnesium causes many positive effects in our body, and this textwill be focused on the effects of magnesium in prevention of certain diseasesand conditions. The first condition that can be monitored and balanced by magnesiumis high blood pressure and almost every human being knows that magnesium andpotassium help in the regulation of high blood pressure which is why these elements are always included in the nutrition of the ones who suffer from highblood pressure. Items like dairy products with low fat, vegetables and fruitshave high levels of potassium and magnesium. One study from 1992 showed thatthe use of products with magnesium dietary fiber and potassium has reducedthe hypertension number. Though it can be a tricky thing to determine which one of the mentioned elements has this beneficial effect sincethey can be found almost everywhere together some new studies state thatmagnesium is the one with the positive effect.

Possible problems

Cardiovascular problems are another area in which magnesium canhelp. There are many studies showing that taking magnesium reduces the chancesof cardiovascular diseases and the most serious problems mentioned arestroke, coronary heart disease, and abnormal heart rhythms. The use ofmagnesium is said to be very beneficial on the entire cardiovascular system,and the studies also show that the recovery from coronary diseases can bereduced. Another effect discovered by a study conducted on 44 patients is thatmagnesium has the anti-clotting effect. Unfortunately these studies have beenperformed on a very small number of patients and because of that they cannotbe taken very seriously.

The third condition we will mention is osteoporosis, since thealteration of calcium in the body and the hormones that regulate calcium can beaffected by this condition. If this is the case very high levels of magnesiumhave to be consumed because the results of many studies have confirmed that ifyou take small amount of magnesium, the effect will not be considerate. Thelast condition we will mention is diabetes. If you have diabetes type 2 yourmagnesium level in blood stream will be low. This happens just before thedevelopment of diabetes. The problem connected with magnesium occurs when themagnesium is lost by urinating. Many studies state that the use of magnesium inyour nutrition reduces the chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Remember that when we say magnesium in nutrition we mean the increase or high amount ofmagnesium intake. We always consume magnesium but the amount of it has to beincreased.

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