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Anger is a Matter of Perspective

Many of us have problems managinganger. Namely, when exposed to it, provoked or treated wrongly, wetend to become ticking bombs, waiting to explode. The worst thingsabout this explosion is its power to engulf innocent people andexpose them to your anger, creating a chain of negativity which isalways counter-productive. Thus, clearly and simply, anger is wrongand bad, both for you and for the others.

So, something needs to be done with allthe anger you are feeling. Anger, per se, greatly depends on one'sperception. Therefore, you get angry when you perceive peoplelaughing at you or insulting you as something calling for arms,needing you to protect yourself by using hostility. However, if youthink about the process a bit, and learn how to control the negativeinput you get from the outside, you are bound to be safe from anger.By following the steps below, you will channel you anger intosomething positive and will avoid bursting out, injuring, emotionallyor physically, the people around you, both those you love and thoseyou do not.

The Trick for Anger Management

The first thing towards treating yourown anger problems is to go back to the very moment you had had youranger bout. Think about the things that caused these problems from aneutral perspective. Analyze both your behavior and the behaviorof those who caused you feelings of anger.

Switching places with other people inorder to get a greater insight into the psychology of a problem is agreat technique. Therefore, imagine the stream of consciousness ofthe other person as well, observing you from a different perspective.

Next, switch the viewpoint to being afly on the wall, observing the whole anger issue from a safedistance, through a 3rd person perspective.

Then, get out of the frame which ismaking this situation limited. Look at this problem on a more globallevel, taking other things into consideration, considering the entiresystem. Then move even further away, and take a universe standpoint,considering divinity and some kind of supreme, god-like, knowledge.Examine the problem from this omniscient perspective and see what theopinion about it is.

This technique can help you changeviewpoints and start thinking about people other than yourself, whenit comes to your own actions and the effect they have. Once you learnto understand others, you will understand yourself better, and angerwill be a much less frequent issue. Finally, you might imagine yourboss's head as a balloon. Whenever he/she is causing you trouble,take the balloon, inflate it until it bursts. This visualization canbe highly therapeutic, having an instant positive effect.

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