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Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive disorder is a psychiatric condition defined by sudden shifts in mood, energy and activity levels, that affect a patient's capability to lead a normal day-to-day life. This mood disorder usually develops in the late teen or early adult age and it may be extremely disabling. On the other hand, many sufferers from bipolar disorder can live full and satisfying lives. However, medication is often required to make this possible.

However, some worthy techniques emerged recently, giving a new promise to the possibility of curing bipolar disorder, contrary to what the medical authorities may claim. Although certain medications have been scientifically proven to help with anxiety, medications cannot help to cure bipolar disorder. The real cure must come from within, and it is reachable with self-help treatments. With effort and determination, patients can overcome bipolar disorder and live a normal life. It is important to stay focused, never lose hope and never give up.Learning to control thinking

According to this technique, it is possible to achieve freedom from the illness by following this simple method of bipolar self-help. Self-help should be introduced to treatment in parallel with antidepressants and psychiatric medication. Learning to control and master thinking might be key to recovery, because even the worst episodes always begin with small thoughts. Small thoughts may quickly grow into something irrational, causing the terrible manic or depressive episodes. However, this is not an easy task. Learning to control mood and thinking patterns is a whole process that requires strong self-discipline and deep self-awareness. Committing to beneficial outcomes

This technique may be an extension of the first one. It represents a method of achieving the ability to create healthy situations and prevent destructive outcomes. Bipolar people, on the contrary, often think about terrible pain, tumult, and sorrow; instead of fighting against the disease. Patients should convert, in their own minds, something that began as destructive or bad, into the possibility of a normal, safe, and positive life. Powerful affirmations may help take control over thinking, mood and life. Once a patient feels like being in control over themselves, it will extremely positively affect their lives, reality and relationships.

Using the perspective test

The perspective self-help test is extremely important when patients feel the onset of mania. This test consists of taking a step back from where they are psychologically at the moment, and evaluating the antithesis of their feelings. The idea of this test is to create a huge contrast - the opposite of what patients are experiencing in that moment. In fact, this means choosing deliberately to decline to allow external circumstances dictate one’s inner temper. It helps patients to control the situations rather than to let situations control them. An example of perspective test may be a situation, when bipolar persons feel angry because somebody did not do something that they were supposed to do. Instead of focusing on anger, the patient should imagine how it would be, emotionally, if the other person really did what they had to do.

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