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If you have noticed a lump in the throat, you are probably worried about it since you do not know what to expect from it or how to treat it. Most commonly, this is not a serious problem and lumps in the throat area appear and disappear on their own. They are sometimes a product of a spasm in the cricopharyngeus muscle.

Symptoms of a Lump in Throat

Once you start experiencing this phenomenon, you will be feeling as if you have got a tennis ball, golf ball, fur ball, or any kind of ball stuck in your throat area. Thus, every time you press the area, it will feel tight and you are likely to feel strangled when wearing a tie or any similar piece of clothing. The throat may appear swollen and may bother you during the day, being absent at night and vice versa. Usually, stress makes the lump escalate. Otherwise, the problem is best handled in the morning, with the situation getting gradually worse during the day. You may experience difficulties swallowing but you may also find that eating actually makes the problem less prominent.

Under the Hood

Our swallowing tube, otherwise known as the esophagus, has two valves inside it. These are usually slightly contracted. Yet, when we swallow food the valves relax in order to let it pass. However, sometimes these light contractions become spasms, leading to the above mentioned symptoms. So, the best possible way of dealing with this problem is to relax in any way possible. Stress is the main cause and, therefore, any kind of stress removal technique, be it alcohol drinking or sleeping, will reduce the symptoms and intensity of the lump you can feel in your throat.

Nevertheless, it is best for you to pay your doctor a visit since there are other possible culprits which can trigger lumps in the throat. Throat cancer may result in lumps. However, these are not felt in most cases. So, you need a good throat examination, where your doctor will check if everything is in order. Additionally, the voice box and neck area should be examined as well.

Sometimes, the mere fact that your throat lump problem is not anything serious is enough to help you relax and get rid of it. Know that you will get better. It might take weeks or even months, but the lump feeling will disappear. As for medications, Valium may work for relaxing. Take one Valium pill during the weekend. If the lump stops being prominent, stress is the trigger.

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