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This unpleasant phenomenon has troubledmany people around the globe. Mainly, it manifests through asensation of having a lump in your throat causing you difficultieswhile swallowing. Naturally, the symptoms may vary and there can bemany different ones behind this condition, some more serious than theothers. The same goes for the possible causes of this problem. Therecan be many, from something easy to treat, all the way to certainserious, underlying diseases. Thus, it is very important to know howto identify the symptoms and recognize this phenomenon once itaffects you. This way, you will know when to seek medical help or howto react timely and correctly.

Manifestations of Lump in Throat

Most of the symptoms affect the part ofyour throat located under the Adam's apple or the voice box. Thereyou are bound to feel pain and discomfort, getting worse whileswallowing. Also, you will have a strange sensation of having somekind of an obstruction even though nothing is inside your throat atthe moment.

You might experience chest pain,combined with serious pain affecting the spot where the lump seems tobe, producing a strange sound while swallowing, causing you to feelas if there is a lack of space in this part of your throat.

Moreover, you might have problemstalking and swallowing saliva, even though food will go through yourthroat smoothly. Finally, in some cases, you might even experiencethe worsening of some or all of the present symptoms when you areexposed to mental or physical stress. All in all, the symptoms aremany, and they can vary in intensity and frequency.

What Causes Lump in Throat and WhatTreatments are Possible?

Most often, lump in throat feeling istriggered by either a pulled muscle in the throat or some kind of aninfection or inflammation.

If you happen to have experiencedexcessive muscle straining mentioned above, you should have no fearsince this is not a serious disease. It usually heals in time and allyou need to do is take it easy on your throat and avoid itsirritation. However, it is best to have your throat checked by yourdoctor so as to rule out other diseases. Alternatively, you doctormay prescribe you some muscle relaxants which will help you feelbetter during your recovery process.

Another, common cause of this conditionis acid reflux. Here, your diet is causing your stomach acids to flowin the opposite way, ending up in your throat and mouth. These acidscan damage these parts and cause pain and irritation, along with theabove mentioned symptoms. Treatment involves diet changes andspecific medications.

Finally, stress is also one of themajor causes of lump feeling in throat. Thus, learn how to controlyour anxiety levels or use some medications made for these purposes.

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