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How and why does a lump in the throat manifest itself?

The throat is located in the front of the neck and used to swallow foods and drinks, in voice production, and it is part of the breathing process as well. The only time that one actually has any awareness of the processes going on in the throat is when something is wrong, and the way that any problem in the throat feels is like there is some sort of a lump in it.

That’s why the person with a throat problem feels like they haven’t quite swallowed something, whether it is food or just saliva. This kind of lump is called globus and what it does in the throat is put a strain on the muscles at times when they should normally be relaxed. Sometimes this disorder resolves itself after a couple of weeks, but should that not be the case, or if it keeps appearing every couple of months, it is recommended to seek medical attention.

What are some of the possible causes of this condition?

The most common reason for the presence of a lump in the throat is some kind of an infection. Sometimes, that infection can be a result of a sore throat, while sometimes it is connected to a more grave infectious disease. When deciding how to get rid of a lump in the throat, the type of the infection should also be taken into consideration. For instance, the infections which are provoked by viruses are very likely to go away without any necessity of medical assistance, while the ones that are caused by bacteria require antibiotics.

Another thing that may provoke a sensation of a lump in the throat is the presence of a tumor, or so-called swelling. This tumor does not necessarily have to be malignant, it can just as easily be benign, and more of a reason for discomfort than worry. Diagnosing this tumor requires examining the throat which can be done in a number of different ways, depending on certain circumstances. Some of these ways include examining the throat with the help of a mirror, using x-rays or modern video imaging of the throat.

Finally, feeling a lump in the throat may also signify that the food pipe is not well coordinated. That means that sometimes one of the two valves, which are located at both ends of the esophagus and connect the throat to the stomach, may not be functioning as it should be. This problem relates to certain food types and is resolved with prescription medications.

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