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Lump is generally the term explaining a structure which appears on some part of the body. It means that this particular part has been enlarged or something abnormally protruded through the skin.

People having lump on the back of the neck usually notice bean-shaped and pea-sized changes. Patients may experience different problems and difficulties such as inability to move the neck in different directions, stiffness and/or pain in that neck area. In some cases, however, these patients do not complain about anything else but the appearance of this lump, since it does not cause any pain, does not restrict movement of the neck nor cause any other problem. Changes and lumps on the neck must be reported to your doctor in order to be thoroughly checked and properly diagnosed.

Injury as a Cause of Lumps on Neck

Different injuries of muscles or tendons may be blamed for occurrence of a lump on the back side of the neck. People who damaged or torn their tendons may expect to notice such changes, as well as those who torn or ruptured the neck muscles due to strenuous physical activity or some kind of trauma. These injuries change the original position of tendons and muscles and this is the exact cause of a lump which appears. What you should know is that lumps occur only if there is some bad injury of these structures, causing them to protrude and form lumps. Apart from causing lumps, torn muscle can also bleed internally if the injury is really bad.

Lumps and Lymph Nodes in the NeckLump in the back of the neck may also be a result of swelling of lymph nodes in that area of the body. Lymph nodes are important part of human immune system and are located in the neck, under the arms, in the abdomen and in the groins. These structures actually filter the lymph fluid and remove and destroy harmful bacteria accumulated in it. Too many of accumulated bacteria in lymph nodes usually mean that they cannot all be destroyed, so lymph nodes get infected. Localized infection of lymph nodes is usually characterized by swelling of these glands and in this situation patients may also experience lump on the back of their neck.

Lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system, causing white blood cells start to multiply without any control and grow bigger than normal, forming a tumor. As a consequence, people suffering from lymphoma could experience bulging of this tumor through the skin on the back of the neck.

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