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Replace and rejuvenate

It is a well-known fact that, aspeople grow old, a number of changes takes place both inside andoutside one's body. And this includes the hormonal changes as well.On our way to the autumn of our lives the amounts of hormones produced by our glands have the tendency to decrease gradually, and to slow in pace. Therefore, it can be regarded as beneficial to replaceworn out hormones, so to speak, with the new ones and thus “rev up”the overall production of hormones. But, given the nature of thehormones themselves, prior to making such a decision, a person inquestion should take all the pros and cons into account, and considerthem well.

In addition to this, what havenumerous research studies revealed, and what has been backed up bymedical specialists is the fact that the replacement therapy as suchcan potentially be a direct cause of prostate cancer (in men,particularly).

Two of the most essential ones

Among all the hormones known today,estrogen and testosterone represent the two produced by our bodieswhich are regarded to be the most vital ones. They are responsiblefor the proper maintenance and the functioning of our metabolism,facilitation of reproduction, taking proper care of ourreproductive functions, as well as for keeping our overall health ona high level.

As is already quite known,testosterone is the one hormone that has a key role both in the maleand female world. When it comes to men, high levels of it areknown to be needed in order for the facial hair to grow normally, todeepen the voice and enlarge the muscles. In addition to this, thehormone in question makes members of the male population look muchyounger, and adds up to their overall sexual performance. But in casethere is too much of testosterone present in one's body, there mightoccur numerous complications and ailments such as a heart disease and the enlargement of prostate gland. Out of this reason, a personought to consult the doctor and ask for advice and arecommendation prior to deciding in favor of a hormone-replacementtherapy.

When it comes to estrogen, women arequite often advised on taking estrogen supplements in order for thepotential complications and unpleasantness of the menopause to bediminished as much as possible. Additionally, it is also known to bequite effective in the prevention of osteoporosis, heart disease, aswell as the dreaded Alzheimer's disease. The ill effects of estrogen therapyinclude the occurrence of uterus and breast cancer.

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