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High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition that must be treated. Doctors usually recommend medications as the standard treatment for this medical condition. They also advise people suffering from hypertension to watch their diet, maintain healthy weight and start some physical activity, as ways to lower their blood pressure.

How Much Exercise Do You Need

Even American Heart Association emphasizes the importance of exercise on a daily basis. For the patients suffering from hypertension, doctors suggest conducting the tests to determine physical condition of the particular patient. After that, every person will have a suggestion about the type and intensity of exercises appropriate for them.

Physical activities are recommended to be performed at least three times per week or more, if it suits you. Beginners should start with 15 minute exercise routine three times every week and then gradually increase that time to 30 minutes every day.

Most of the exercises don’t require much, except your time. You could start with some walking, jogging, running, swimming, aerobics, cycling or yoga classes. Pick your favorite activity and do it, solo on in some kind of a sports club. Any type of physical activity will be beneficial for your heightened blood pressure, and any exercise will be better than none. And remember, scientists discovered that just a single physical activity lowers your blood pressure for the next 20 hours. Imagine the impact of regular, everyday exercise on your blood pressure, but also on your fitness, physical appearance and weight.

However, be careful not to over-do it. You need to start with moderate exercises and gradually increase the intensity of the workouts, in order to get the best from any physical activity.

Recommended Exercises

Walking, jogging or running are some of the most recommended activities for people suffering from heightened blood pressure. You can use pedometer, to known how many steps did you take and monitor your progress over time. It’s also useful to remember that taking the stairs instead the lift is also physical activity, and that your blood pressure will be grateful for doing so. When jogging or running, choose areas with lower air pollution, or run indoors. Cycling is a great and fun activity, especially with friends or kids.

Swimming can also lower your blood pressure, and it is found to be beneficial for your circulation and muscles as well.

Yoga, with its stretching, different postures, breathing techniques and meditation is very useful for hypertension patients.

For those who want some more action, aerobics classes might be the solution to lower their blood pressure.

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