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Coffee with less than 50% of acidic content is usuallyconsidered as low acid coffee. That’s how people normally sensitive to coffeeand experiencing stomach upset and other intestinal problems, such asindigestion, heartburn, GERD or acid reflux, when drinking coffee can also enjoytheir cup of this beverage.

Coffee beans are full of different acids and they contain: lactic,palmitic, linoleic, malic, acetic and citric and phosphoric acids. Then it’s nowonder why some people have so many troubles - there are plenty of ingredients toupset your stomach if you are prone to that condition. However, the amount ofthese acids in the coffee mainly depends on the elevation of the coffee plantationand higher the plantation – coffee contains more acid components. Coffee acidity is also established to dependon the roasting and brewing of the coffee beans.

One of the major problems when someone has sensitive stomachis a reaction to coffee. People tend to experience burning sensation because ofthe acidic components present in the coffee, and it might be so severe thatthey decide never to drink coffee again. Just in the USA it is estimated thatsome 35 millions of people stopped their morning coffee ritual because of theheartburn. So, as the solution for these people – coffee makers made low acid coffee,which is usually prepared by cold brewing.

What’s the Story with Low Acid Coffee?

This type of coffee has less acidic ingredients than usualcoffee we drink, even some 50 to 60% less, but it may also contain less caffeinethan ordinary coffee. Manufacturers changed the process of roasting to get thistype of coffee, but they succeed to maintain aroma and flavor of a real coffee. Specificroasting process enables the production of low acid coffee, which remains deliciousbut can be digested by people with sensitive stomachs. There are some productswith 50% less acidic ingredients, like Puroast. As said, this low acid coffeecan contain up to 25% less caffeine, or the same amount of it as in theordinary types of coffee, depending on the manufacturer. About 90% of peopledidn’t have any side effects related to the drinking of low acid coffee.

Do You Know How to Make This Coffee

There is just one special thing you should know about thebrewing of low acid coffee. If you prepare any brand of coffee with coldbrewing method –it will contain about 50% less acids and it will be easier todigest.

To make your coffee extract you will need a cup of coffeegrounds. Add about quarter of a cup of water to the ground coffee and stir itgently to dampen the grounds. Then add more water – about one and ¾ of a cup tothe same bowl cover it with the lid and leave for next 12 hours. After thattime, your coffee extract is ready to be filtered and used as hot or iced coffee.

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