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Coffee is a brewed drink normally prepared from roasted beans from the coffee plant. After the husks are removed from the beans they are usually roasted, which gives them their varying brown color. However, roasted beans lose many of their beneficial compounds in the roasting process. Green coffee bean extract, on the other hand, is made from green coffee bean cooked at 70° C for 2 hours using 70% ethanol. Green coffee appears to have a more potent effect on the health as it promotes weight loss by increasing the metabolism.

Health benefits of green coffee bean extract

Even though green coffee doesn’t taste as good as the regular one, it affects the health in a good way. This slightly bitter beverage contains high amounts of chlorogenic acids, which are associated with lowering blood pressure. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study had shown that after the 28 days patients made a significant improvement in blood pressure, after using the extract.

Like green tea, the green coffee bean extract contains chlorogenic acid, which is a strong antioxidant of the polyphenols family. As other antioxidants do, chlorogenic acids are able to destroy free radicals and prevent, or even reverse, the oxidative damage to the cells. This actually means that green coffee been extract slows down the process of aging, and prevents many diseases such as coronary heart disease or various cancers.

Heating process used for roasting the beans also destroys the acids. This is why green coffee contains chlorogenic acid and its related compounds. Paired with caffeine, these compounds may aid weight loss and improve the metabolic rate. One of the studies reveals that if a human consumes one kilogram per day of food (2.2 pounds) containing 10 grams (.35 ounce) of green coffee bean extract for 14 days, the increase in body weight may be suppressed by 35%.

Green coffee bean extract side-effects

This extract is generally thought to be a safe in human trials no severe side-effects have been seen. However, the green coffee bean extract should be consumed in safe amounts. One cup of green coffee bean extract daily, is perfectly safe. However, when 3 or more cups are drank in a day, particularly later in the day, it may cause insomnia. Moreover, anyone under 16 years of age, pregnant women and nursing mothers and individuals suffering from high blood pressures, diabetes or any cardiac illness should refrain from drinking green coffee.

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