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Paleo diet represents a fresh new approach to the dieting. It is not a starvation method, but an original, healthy idea how to keep a slim figure with the help of a nutritious balanced diet and an overall healthy lifestyle.

What does the Paleo diet consist of?

The main idea of the Paleo diet, whose name is based on the name of the Paleolithic Era, is that the foods that one should consume should be the same foods that people from the Paleolithic Era ate, before they had knowledge of agriculture and animal husbandry. These foods include meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, tree nuts, vegetables, roots, fruit, berries and mushrooms. The listed food types are quite healthy and rich in a number of nutrients that are required to be taken in on a regular basis in order to remain in good health. The nutrients in question include vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, iron and antioxidants, to name a few.

On the other hand, the foods that should be avoided are all the foods that were introduced into the diet starting from the Neolithic Era onward. Grains, dairy, beans, potatoes, sugar and processed foods that are high in saturated fats all fall under this category.

What kind of lifestyle did people from the Paleolithic Era lead?

In order to understand better how this diet works, it might be necessary to know something about the lives of people living in the Paleolithic Era.

Two most important things in the lives of people from the Paleolithic Era were hunting and gathering. Their every day revolved around these activities. What was perhaps the really good thing about their way of getting food was that they didn’t have the always available temptations which could provoke cravings and lead to eating without being really all that hungry. Not only did they not have to deal with issues of obesity and the consequences to the health that they bring, but they also never had to worry about any of the diseases that are considered to be the biggest threats of today’s society, such as heart diseases, cancer or any kind of chronic disorder.

If someone is doubtful whether this kind of diet would provide the same effect in this day and era, the answer lies in the example of small communities that are living the same kind of lifestyle that their ancestors lived and the effects on their health are as good as ever. This only goes on to show how a proper nutritious diet and regular physical activity are more than enough to achieve having a long life span and preserving the body from diseases.

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