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Immune system
The immune system is basically the balance between organs,tissues, cells and cell products, one of which are the antibodies for instance,that together make a homogeneous system which works together to protect thebody from diseases and other negative influences. A healthy immune system isessential to have and maintain in order to live a long and happy life.

What makes for a healthy immune system?

Nowadays, not many people can brag with having a strongimmune system. People tend to live hectic lifestyles, where there is not muchroom to think about eating healthy or exercising properly.

Also, theenvironment is becoming more and more damaging to people’s health, which is avalid factor and influence to one’s immunity. And while there isn’t exactlymuch that the individual can do in the smaller picture of the environmentissues, which is to say that he simply cannot impede its effect on his health,there are other factors that the person can influence in order to improve theimmune system.

What kind of lifestyle equals a healthy immune system?

Simply put, a healthy immune system comes from a healthylifestyle. And a healthy lifestyle comes from a proper nutritious diet and someregular physical activity.

Maintaining a proper nutritious diet does not mean that onehas to give up on many kinds of food that they enjoy to eat, it simply meansbalancing different kinds of food and not exaggerating in anything. Naturally,foods that are high in fat and calories, particularly processed foods, shouldbe avoided as much as possible, but with everything else it’s just a matter ofa proper balance. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure toregularly take in all the important nutritious elements, such as vitamins,proteins, minerals, fiber and others.

And while people at least try to pay attention to what theyeat if and when they start worrying about it, getting them to understand how physicalactivity is just as important is always a bit trickier. With the majority ofpeople working intensely, whether it is a 9 - 5 job or some other kind, thelast thing on their mind is to go to a gym or for a run after a hard day’swork.

On the other hand, claiming that physical activity is equally importantas eating healthy is not an understatement. Therefore, it is highly recommendedfor everyone to make some room for it in their lives, no matter how busy theyare. Whether it is a 45-minute daily walk or jumping on the treadmill, any kindof physical activity will be quite beneficial.

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