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When someone mentions a diet, everyone mostly think of the diets whose purpose is to achieve the weight loss. However, diets do have different goals, one of them being the desire to have skin which is unaffected by the imperfections such as acne,pimples and wrinkles that came too soon.

And while there are many commercial products battling with these issues, as well as natural homemade remedies, none of them are as natural as introducing a healthy diet regime, full of nutritious elements, whose benefits will become quickly visible on the skin that will soon restore the natural glow that healthy skin should have.

The diet meant for this kind of purpose is not so strict and limiting when it comes to choosing the particular food to eat, but it simply draws the attention to thenutrients that it’s important to obtain in order to have the natural, healthy skin.

What kind of drinks should be consumed on a clear skin diet?

Hydration is one of the most important parts of the clear skin diet. Making sure to consume a lot of water is a necessity, and the recommended quantity is from 6to 8 glasses on a daily basis. But this does not mean that this kind of habit should be forced and the entire quantity drunk all at once. In order to achieve the right effect, the glasses should be arranged so that they last throughout the day. The only time of day when drinking the water is not recommended is just before going to bed because it is likely to result in the stretching of the skin and puffiness.

If one finds it possible to be restrained from other beverages like sodas and those which contain caffeine, it would the best option possible for the skin. But,however, if this isn’t the case, then their intake should be reduced to a minimum.

What kinds of nutrients are required for the clear skin diet?

Some of the nutrients that are most essential for achieving clear skin are omega 3 fatty acids. Their production from inside the body is not possible and that’s why the foods that contain them are necessary to be included in this kind of diet, as omega3 fatty acids have proven to have a miraculously positive effect on the skin,which is why they are included in so many cosmetic products.

Aside from the omega 3 fatty acids, vast quantities of vitamins are more than mandatory for this diet, and close attention is to be paid to A, C, E, as well as vitamin B complex. Aside from their obvious benefits that everyone’s familiar with,these vitamins also contain the powerful antioxidants which get rid of the free radicals and bring elasticity back to the skin.

The last requirements of the diet are the minerals selenium, manganese and zinc.

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