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Having a baby is an amazing experience, and one of the most rewarding things in life. The period after the baby is born is filled with joy, but it is also a time of challenges. One of those challenges is getting back the figure as it was before pregnancy. The so-called baby fat can be particularly hard to get rid of, for several reasons.

Why is it hard to lose baby fat?

One of the main reasons why baby fat can be hard to lose is that it is a result of habits that were formed over the period of nine months. Pregnant women literally eat for two, and not without a reason. Doctors actually encourage some extent of weight gain in pregnancy, but the question is, how to deal it with afterwards?

Another reason is that, when the baby is born, it is in the center of attention, and mothers often do not have time nor energy to work on weight loss programs. In addition, the post-natal period is usually the most stressful time in a woman’s life, which is why many continue eating like they used to during pregnancy.

Even though it may sound difficult and challenging, losing baby fat is not as hard as it seems, and it certainly is not impossible. It just takes some time and dedication, and most of all, persistence.

Two basic steps for losing baby fat

There are two fundamental elements that need to be respected in order to lose fat after pregnancy. Those are exercise and diet.

Being a mother does not have to mean that all the time is spent on the baby. Everyone needs some time for his or herself, and so do the new mothers. It is recommended to find someone who will watch the baby for an hour or so a day, during which time the mother can workout a little. In the beginning, 30 minutes of moderate workout will do, and the amount of time spent for it can increase over time. The best way to exercise is to combine cardio and resistance training, jogging, cycling, treadmill, swimming and similar. However, it is best to consult a doctor before starting with an exercise program, because there are some exercises that are not suitable for women who have just had a baby.

Diet is the other main element for losing the baby fat. First, the new mother has to break the habit of eating a bit of food with every meal the child has. The meals should be carefully planned and distributed throughout the day in small portions. Each women can choose a diet plan that suits her needs the best, but it is very important to remember that breastfeeding women should not go on any restrictive diets, because it may damage the quality of the milk.

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