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Your whole, entire life changes from the first day of pregnancy. Your hormones change and of course your body changes. After you have given birth, there are a trillion questions and concerns that the most mothers have about their bodies. Firstly they want to know how long until their belly’s shrink back down to size and what is the usual time frame for getting rid of that unwanted baby fat that they are still carrying around with them.

Misconceptions of Baby Weight

Unfortunately the TV and the magazines show us that it is completely possibly to have the baby one minute and look like a super model the very next day. We have all seen the pictures of those celebrities walking out of the hospital looking like they were never even pregnant, and some with a six pack after a few weeks. Regardless of the phenomenons of the television industry, the sad reality of it is that it takes us normal women around one year to get our bodies back to how they were prior to pregnancy.

Why Do Some Women Still Look Like They are Pregnant?

A shock that will come to many new mothers is after giving birth they still look and feel like they are in their third trimester. Your body does put in a lot of effect to shrink back down but this does not happen overnight, besides it took nine months to stretch so give the same time allowance to go back again. It takes actually only around four or five weeks for your uterus muscles to go back to normal and a lot of women will find that they disperse of anything from seven to twenty one pounds in the initial two weeks alone.

How to Lose the Baby Weight?

It is important to stay safe and not get an injury, you are a new mum and you need to be fit and agile to look after the little one. So take it easy and get into an exercise regime slowly and correctly. Speak to your doctor who will give you the best advice for your body, but it will normally be around one to two months before you can start doing any sort of severe exercise. Obviously breast feeding will help you loss around five hundred calories per day and its important not to diet too much because you may end up putting toxins into your milk supply. Every mum wants to restore their bodies but is often stopped by tiredness, guilt, mood swings and much more so take it easy. Talk to a fitness instructor who will start you on some core exercises for the muscles in your stomach coupled with some light cardio.

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