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Senility and Old Age

Many older people fear that one day,when they are to expect the enjoyment which goes hand-in-hand withthe bliss of being old aged, they will suffer from senility of somesorts and be unable to experience this pleasant side of life sincethey will hardly even be aware of it.

Truly, as we grow older, our brain isin more and more danger. Basically, depending on our lifestyle,genetics and many other factors, we can suffer from many mentalillnesses such as Alzheimer's and others. Therefore, many of us thinkabout the future with fear of senility.

However, this does not necessarily haveto be the case since there are means of bypassing senility in oldage. All you need to do is to pay attention to your general lifestyleand manage certain things in your life. The lines below will provideyou with more insight into the matter.

How To Keep Your Brain Healthy at OldAge

Since our brain is very similar toother muscles we have, we need to exercise it regularly in order tokeep it fit and healthy. This, of course, means that we need to thinka lot and keep our mind busy during our entire life in order to makeit fit enough to withstand the wear and tear of many years to come.We need to keep our nervous system fully functioning, with as manyconnections as we can, helping us think fast and precise, regardlessof the time of our life we are in.

In order to have a healthy brain, youneed to expose it to puzzles and use it hard in order to solve manyproblems. For example, you might want to make a routine of solvingcrosswords before going to sleep.

Alternatively, you might want to readchallenging magazines or books, which may be on foreign languages,deal with complex subjects and mysteries which need your fullconcentration.

Also, we need to learn new thingsthroughout our life and live outside the box. Moreover, we need tostay close to other people and socialize since this is a veryimportant factor as well because we need to stay emotionally andsocially healthy in order to be in our full mental shape.

Finally, there are herbs which can helppeople keep their mind well functioning. For example ginkgo biloba,rosemary, ginseng and hawthorn are all excellent additions to yournutrition, boosting your brain performance. Still, consult with yourdoctor before using these.

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