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Our Brain and Our Aging

There is a wide-spread belief that ourbrains grow old with us, getting worse and worse in performance,regardless of what we do. However, this is not true, since our braincan stay in a very good shape, provided that we take a good care of itand give it enough exercise throughout our lives. Thus, it does notmatter if we are 25 or 125 years old, if we have taken good care ofour brain, it will give us all the performance we need to live ahappy life.

There are certain things you need tobear in mind in order to know what your brain needs in order tofunction properly. Namely, it needs proper nutrition and an adequatelifestyle, filled with brain exercises. When you provide thesefactors, you may rest assured that your brain will work like a charmfor many years to come.

How Do We Think?

Our thinking process is carried out bycells in our brain. These cells are tree-shaped, having roots whichcollect messages from other cells, delivering it to the next cell,through the branches on the top of the cell itself.

However, before this process can becomplete, the message must cross a synapse, which is basically abridge membrane, made of fat, lying between two water areas, locatedin our brain. Now, when this fatty area is light and liquid, ourbrain is capable of thinking faster. However, if the fat is sludgyand thick, the information transferring process takes place muchslower.

This is why we need to consume goodoils like the omega3 fatty acids located in fish oil. This oil isexcellent for our brain functions. On the other hand, trans fats,which are found in many food products which are labeled “partiallyhydrogenated”, are bad for your brain functioning.

Therefore, you need to take good careof your brain. It is a very complex organ, still far beyond ourcomprehension, even though science is getting closer and closer torevealing the mystery of many mental processes. Either way, we oughtto cherish what we have. Brain is one of the greatest things abouthuman beings, and other beings in the world. It is an incrediblydelicate device which makes us who we are and provides us with anendless list of capabilities. Thus, appreciate this and lead alifestyle which is beneficial for your brain.

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