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Then and Now

In the past, people were troubled by agreat misconception, stating that learning is something that takesplace solely during our youth and that, as we grow older, we nolonger have the capacity for storing new knowledge in our minds.This, of course is an obsolete attitude and we know well that you mayimprove your knowledge throughout your life, expand it and enrich it,regardless of your age or any other factors. In fact, we all gain knowledge throughout life, actively or passively for as long as welive.

Therefore, all you need in order tolearn with success is a good strategy. So, the following lines willprovide you with adequate advice regarding the subject, teaching youhow to learn and get the most out of your studying, regardless ofyour age.

How To Learn?

First of all, you need to be aware thatlearning is improvement. Since we are beings which constantly cravefor improvement, you need to be aware of many ways of acquiringknowledge and stay open to various information which can better yourlife. Keep this positive state of mind yours and learn whenever youget the opportunity to do so.

As the old Latin proverb says:“repetitio est mater studiorum”. Thus, you need to repeat thingsin order to remember them and thereby learn them. Keep this in mind.You are not likely to remember something by reading it only once.Rather, you need to revisit the source of this knowledge and repeat it inorder for it to stay engraved in your mind, so you're able to recall itwhenever you need it.

Next, ask questions. Do not be ashamedto ask for further explanations if you happen to fail inunderstanding certain things in school, at work or wherever you are.By inquiring, you are showing interest in the subject and you arealso seeking more of the knowledge you are being given. Therefore,ask and you will learn.

Moreover, discuss the things you havelearned. This way, you repeat them and revisit the subject, making itstick longer in your mind, creatively elaborating on the subject.Also, explaining something to others makes you understand it betterand helps others learn it as well, making the whole process morecreative.

Finally, lead a healthy life withenough sleep, healthy nutrition, regular exercising and a healthylifestyle altogether. This way, you will provide yourself withmaximum capacity for learning since your body will be workingoptimally, providing your mind with the same functioning conditions.

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