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The neurotransmitter dopamine gets to be produced in body. The area of brain controls motivation, movement, emotion and the sensation of pleasure releases dopamine. Dopamine balances activities of brain regulates the information data transmitting to other regions of brain and directs movements of person.

Dopamine plays a key part in drug addictions and it is so called chemical messenger, less like adrenaline it activates the receptors of dopamine. Dopamine as a drug, affects on the sympathetic nervous system and produces a blood pressure increases a heart beat and does not manipulates central nervous system.

Parkinson’s disease patients are not having dopamine in the brain and L-DOPA a dopamine synthetic precursor. But people with psychotic disorders have plenty of dopamine in their brains. Some antipsychotic medicaments decreases dopamine in brain and control the condition. It is not a good idea to mix dopamine herbs and antipsychotic medication and other drugs that may stimulate dopamine making.


Dopamine affects on different functions in the brain which are:Motivation and Pleasure Dopamine connects to a brain’s pleasure system and gives us feelings of encouragement and enjoyment, and there are drugs that affect on dopamine increasing in brain. The drug itself is addictive. And if patient withdraws from dopamine drug too suddenly he or she may suffer depression.

MovementThe basal ganglia motor loop holds on very well to dopamine. And it may be critical for controlling all the movements. But not enough dopamine may be responsible for Parkinson’s disease: disease when patient cannot control the movements. Dopamine also gets to be released with a pleasurable activity or with negative stimuli as well, and it is attached more to the sensation of desire then to a pleasure. It is interesting that patients with manic depression or schizophrenia are overload with dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine Herbs

Moonseed / Menispermum canadense It is a yellow parilla, and is a climbing vine, yellow roots, cluster, dark, purple berry. The root of the plant treats rheumatism and it is a tonic and laxative. The plant has a dopamine-lowering alkaloid dauricine and it is a blocker for calcium channel, when the dopamine is inhibited.

Graviola /Annona muricataIt is an evergreen tree and makes out a fruit called guanábana or graviola. The extracts of leaf and fruit have a high level of concentrations of annonacin, to destruct nerve cells and stop activity of dopamine.

Magnolia-bark / Magnolia officinalisOften used as a traditional Chinese medicine for anxiety, asthma and digestive disorders. The plant has anonaine it is an alkaloid that stops dopamine synthesis.

Turkey corn / Corydalis cavaA bright drooping flowers purple plant prepared as a teas or tinctures for syphilis or some skin conditions. The root of plant has an alkaloid bulbocapnine, and it hits a central nervous system.

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