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Liver “under themicroscope”

The organ in questionis regarded as one of the most important bodily organs when it comes to the properfunctioning of our entire digestive system. It is located in the upperright-hand part of the person’s abdomen and represents the biggest gland in ourbody, weighing approximately 2 kg (in adults). Furthermore, this organ isserved by two blood vessels, i.e. the hepatic artery (responsible fortransporting the oxygenated blood from our heart to the liver itself) and thehepatic portal vein (transports blood rich in nutrients from our stomach all theway to our intestines and the liver respectively). When it comes to the generalblood supplies, it is known that liver holds about 13% of the total bloodsupply. Among its most essentialfunctions are:

Responsible for the elimination of thedamaged red blood cells, as well as toxinsGlucose to glycogen conversion forstorage purposesGlycogen to glucose conversion for thepurpose of energy production needed for the functioning of our bodyVitamins and minerals production andstorage activitiesBile productionBlood clotting factors production

Liver cleans diet itself

When it comes to allliver cleansing related diets, they can be put into the category ofdetoxification diets, which by means of cleansing procedure boost the overallfunction and the health of the liver. All the advice andrecommendations regarding the diets in question do fit perfectly the overallplan of healthy eating. Among the things one should avoid are most often sugar,alcohol, caffeine and food containing lot of fat. On the other hand, therecommended food includes grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and water, the focus being the consuming of the unprocessed food. In addition, these dietshave the tendency to last only for a particular period of time, i.e. theyhave a time limitation and offer an appealing option for weight loss, butshort-term in nature. As far as the additional tonics and supplements, whichare also recommended as a part of a diet, are concerned, the greatest majorityof them is a mixture of herbal and ingredients originating from various herbs.

The claim that is atthe bottom of these diets and widely approved by the people who favor them isthat, by introducing certain changes in the diet, the person automaticallyenables his/her liver to function more properly. And it is exactly thisboosting of the liver’s functions that is believed to lead to an effectiveweight loss.

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