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The importance of liver and gallbladder flush

When talking about the importance of liver and gallbladderflush, it is enough to point out the benefits of this procedure, becausebesides the fact that it cleans the waste from these organs, it also improvesthe function of the liver and bile flow, it makes the blood and lymph purifiedand it has rejuvenating effect on the entire body. As a result, bloating, intestinalgas, burping and other digestive problems might be eliminated, as well asallergies, various skin problems, problems with muscles and tendons, menstrualproblems and headaches, sleeping problems, and various others problems. However,due to the fact that in some cases, liver and gallbladder flush might haveserious consequences, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor beforedeciding to do it and to do the necessary tests and analysis if necessary.

Instructions on how to do it properly

There are various ways in which liver and gallbladder flush can be done, but the onethat is often recommended consists of 1 gallbladder complex, 1 bottle of phosphateand sodium and 1 phos drops 4 oz. What is important to know is that the wholeprocess lasts for 2 weeks and that a day when the flush is done needs to be theday when the person does not have any commitments.

For the whole two weeks before the flush, it is necessary todrink the mixture that consists of unfiltered organic apple juice in which 10ml of phos drops is added. The second week is the week when beet should be added tothe salad at lunch and at dinner, and three times a day 1 capsule of gallbladdercomplex should be taken. The coffee enema needs to be done a day before the flush,right after the lunch, as well as capsules of sodium and phosphate, whichshould be taken with half a cup or warm or hot water. The rest of the capsules shouldbe taken before the dinner, and with warm or hot water again. The dinner shouldbe light, and 3-4 capsules of gallbladder complex should be taken.

Right before going to bed, 4-6 oz of olive oil needs to bedrank, but here it is important that the oil is extra virgin and that this isfollowed by mixture of lemon juice and apple juice. The position in which the person needs to lie in badrequires that the knees are pulled up and that the person lies on the right side.

On the day of the flush, 8 capsules of sodium and phosphateshould be taken, again with hot or warm water, and 3 capsules of gallbladderflush. The result will be passing green balls through stools, andthe procedure may be repeated a few months later, not before.

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