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There are many reasonsbehind the want and need to esthetically beautify certain parts of your body especially the breast and the mouth. In the case of the latter and former itcomes to that , that this further boosts your self-esteem and confidence, adding upto your sexuality as well. Who can say no! Luckily, there are so many waysand methods which can enable this, but what is also not to be disregarded isthe fact that even injections and implants are not miraculous and thus shouldbe always taken with a pinch of salt. Also do not think that just about anyonecan qualify for such an undertakings. Primarily, a person needs to be healthy,because without this prerequisite, it’s just not going to happen. Unless youlack the following, then you are not an adequate candidate for lip augmentation– existence of cold sores, presence of conditions such as diabetes, scaringlips and blood clot related issues. Given the fact that just like withevery surgical procedure, there exists a risk of complications, the first and mostimportant is responsibility, both on the behalf of the person, and the doctorperforming the procedure. As far as the patients are concerned, they areobliged to inform the doctor about any existing allergies and medicines thatthey are already taking, and the main reason behind this thoroughness is thefact that the existence of certain underlying conditions such as diabetes,blood cloth issues of hindered circulation, only increases the risk ofcomplications occurrences.

When the use ofinjections is concerned, most doctors are going to implement the technique ofdirect painkiller application to the lips. The good thing about this procedureis that it does not last long, so you will be ready to go home that very sameday while for the content of the injection there is also a wide rangeof solutions to be chosen from. The most frequently used ones includes –artecoll (material synthetic in nature with the longest effect, used toplump the lips up sometimes occurrence of an allergic reaction is possible),autologen (infusing of the lips with person’s own collagen, no allergicreactions, but gives just short-lasting results), collagen (taken out fromother body areas or from cows, risk of allergic reaction exists), dermalogen(collagen from departed people and donors, temporary fix only), restylane (gellike substance, has in it hyaluronic acid, rarely causes allergic reactions andis biodegradable making it easily absorbable by the body).

Other means ofbeautifying your lips are by way of implants and surgical procedures, and inboth cases the patient in question is to receive a local anesthesia. Theduration is, roughly, two hours and sometimes a bit longer, depending on thetype of the procedure and its in difficulty level. Important also is that the personis dismissed from the hospital or clinic soon after the procedure is finished.

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