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Information on Lip Plumping Injections

Lip plumping injections are the method used to provide thosewith thin lips with fullness, plumpness and distinction of the lips. There aremany women who are dissatisfied with the thinness of their lips and they dreamof having fuller lips. Modern cosmetics and medical science can provide thatvery easily.

Lip plumping injections involve a fairly simple procedure whichcan be a fairly easy way of providing those desired fuller lips. Most lipplumping injections utilize Botox injections applied on the lips. They work by tacklingthe wrinkles and they are very efficient in removing the wrinkles and lines onthe skin. Botox does the same thing to the areas of the skin which surround thelips and by doing so it makes them appear fuller. It does not trigger any sideeffects or hassle such as redness or rash at the affected areas.

Types of Injections for Lip Plumping

Botox injections are the most common choice when it comes tolip plumping but there are also other options for those who do not want to useBotox injections.

Artecol is one of those options and it is actually asynthetic material whose main advantage is that it lasts so much longer thanfat or collagen. It is a synthetic material so it can be affiliated withcertain types of allergic reactions. Another option is restylane which isactually a transparent gel and it contains hyaluronic acid. It is usually notassociated with any types of allergic reactions and it is also very beneficialbecause it can easily be absorbed by the human body and it is a biodegradablesubstance.

The third option is fascia injections which utilize a tissueharvested from the patient’s body or perhaps a deceased donor. Fascia can beinjected into the lips but it can also be implanted in a surgical manner. The fourthoption is collagen injections. Collagen gets extracted from cows and it cansometimes trigger certain types of allergic reactions. Other options mayinclude autologen and dermalogen.

Lip Plumping Procedures

Lip plumping procedures are simple and usually lost for justa few hours. Fat grafting is one of the most common procedures and it involvesthe injection of person’s own fat into the lips.

Insertion of alloderm by meansof very small incisions is another way, but it is only a temporary solution.Local flap grafts is another surgical procedure and is the most invasive optionof them all. Single session of lip injections may cost 350 dollars. Otherprocedure may cost up to 5000 dollars.

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