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Filling your lips can improve your self confidence. There are lots of different ways to get a better look of your lips. It is important to remember to be realistic when looking through treatment options.

Lip Augmentation candidates

Most people can have their lips done however there are a few exceptions such as if you have a cold sore, diabetes or lupus. Also if you have suffered with any scarring on your lips or have suffered with blood clotting in the past then you may not be a good candidate for this process. It is always advisable to choose a good doctor and discuss with them the different options that would best suits you. The doctor will probably start with asking you about your medical history and whether you smoke it is important to reveal any allergies you may have.

Lip Augmentation Injections

A topical anesthesia which is a painkiller that is applied directly to the lips for injections. They are straight forward and you will go home that very same day.

Artecoll is long lasting, more so that fat or collagen. However as it is a synthetic material you may be at a elevated risk of experiencing an allergic reaction. If you are not ready to make this a permanent result then maybe try Autologen, this is an injection made of your own collagen taken from another part of your own body and there’s no risk of having an allergic reaction. The collagen can be taken from cows but there will again be the risk of having an allergic reaction, these results will last approximately 4 weeks to nearly 3 months. If you don’t like these 2 options then perhaps a collagen called Dermalogen which has been taken from deceased human donors. There is an injection called Fascia which again is connective tissue taken from you or a deceased human donor. But the issue is that after a year your body will reabsorb the fascia. Fats can also be injected but the problem here is if you put on weight then your lips will also get bigger.

Lip Implants

This is again a fairly simple procedure these days and takes about 2 hours. If you want a temporary solution to your lips then you could look at Alloderm which is collagen from deceased humans. Your doctor will put them in small incisions made on the inside of the lip. It should last approximately 1 year.

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