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Collagen is a substance often used in cosmetic, as it is a group of naturally occurring proteins. This substance is found in the flesh and connective tissue of mammals. It occurs only in animals as the main component of the connective tissue. Collagen actually counts for 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content. It is generally found in different fibrous tissues, tendons, ligaments, skin, blood vessels, bones, etc. Collagen is widely used in cosmetic surgery as a healing aid for patients recovering for severe burns, or for reconstruction of damaged bones. It is also used in construction of artificial skin substitutes and sold commercially as a joint mobility supplement.
Benefits of collagen skin care
As the person grows older, the body does not produce as much of the collagen and elastin and the skin gradually withers and becomes wrinkly. It loses elasticity, sags, stretches and slowly forms more and deeper wrinkles. Collagen in skin care products stimulates the re-growth of this naturally occurring protein. It can be applied topically or in the form of collagen injections. However, not all skin care topical treatments work equally. Collagen molecule cannot penetrate the outer layer of the skin because it is too big to fit through. Collagen would simply stay on top of the skin until it becomes washed off in the contact with water. Only skin treatments containing an ingredient known as functional keratin can penetrate deeply into the skin and actually stimulate the collagen and elastin to grow again. Another successful option is partially hydrolyzed collagen, a protein divided into fragments small enough to penetrate the skin.
Useful tips about collagen skin care
The body naturally produces collagen, especially if a person eats enough beneficial nutrients such as L-glutamine and L-proline and other amino acids. This naturally occurring collagen is vulnerable to damage done from free radicals. Eating a lot of antioxidants can increase the body’s defense mechanisms against their action. The most effective skin care products actually contain antioxidants such as the Coenzyme q10 and vitamin E.
Side effects of collagen
Cosmetic industry is generally well regulated but there is always a danger, especially with collagen supplements, that a small part of industry is not regulated. One should always consult with the medical care provider before taking collagen supplements and collagen injections. Collagen creams, however, are generally completely harmless but their most prominent side effect is that they are rather expensive. Allergic reactions are generally associated with collagen injections. People suffering from various autoimmune disorders can experience flare-ups as the body reacts to the foreign substance.

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