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Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most frequent esthetic procedures that millions of women undergo worldwide. The procedure itself is highly advanced today and the breast augmentation recovery approaches as well. While the women in the past had only a limited number of aids to promote the fast and healthy recovery, it has been changed and there are many aids which effectively alleviate the adverse effects of the breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation recovery aids

Breast augmentation garments are very important for the well-forming of the breast after the surgery, but also for reducing of the breast swelling, which is normal after the procedure. The reinforced breast compression garment should be worn through the whole day for more than two weeks. There are various breast augmentation garments available, such as vests, wraps and bras, for example.

One of the side effects of the breast augmentation procedure is nausea, which may frequently occur during the recovery time, and this is why many esthetic surgeons prescribe certain medicines to be used before and after the surgery. The medicines used for this purpose are usually Benedryl, Zofran and Decadron.

The implants in the breast have the tendency to stretch the skin of the breasts so various symptoms may appear in the first two weeks after the surgery. The most common of them all are redness, discoloration of the skin and tingling sensation, but all these symptoms may be successfully reduced by using breast augmentation moisturizers throughout the recovery period.

The breast enlargement surgery may cause the nipples to become sensitive and erect all the time, and in order to relieve this side effect of the procedure, there are nursing pads and round band supports which protect the nipples.

There are also certain vitamins and minerals which are very good at reducing the discomforts appeared after the surgery. While Arnica Montana is good for reducing the swelling, Bromelain reduces the pain. Vitamin A prevents developing of some infection, while vitamin C and Selenium speed up the recovery time. However, before the patient begins to use these healing aids, she should talk about it with the surgeon at least two weeks before the operation.

There are also various treatments for removing of the scar of the incision. Thus, nowadays, surgical paper tape, silicone sheeting and topical gels can be utilized for removing the scars, while the patient should take vitamin E orally.

Bed rest, as well as applying the cold compresses on the breast, is also very important for the fast recovery, which may last about two weeks.

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