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Man Boobs

Gynecomastia is a problem that most men fear of, while a significant number of others suffer from it. This problem strikes men and causes great embarrassmentbut it can be fixed with the help of the surgery which is called breastreduction and which is becoming more and more popular for this purpose. Hormonelevel alteration is the reason why this problem is created in the first place. Alterationcan occur when entering older age or during younger periods. Teenagers areaffected by this problem but it usually disappears on its own without the needfor the treatment. The most common symptoms of this problem are breast sizeincrease from A to C or D cup and breast tenderness. As we have said, teenagerswho have developed man boobs will probably not need treatment but those who will,will probably find a solution in the form of MicroLipo Liposuction technique.

MicroLipo Liposuction Technique

The area of underarm is where several incisions will have to be made duringthis procedure. Also, these incisions may be made on one of the sides of thechest. When this is done, fatty tissue will be dissolved by the saline solution, which is placed in the treated regions. This basically concludes the proceduresince there is only stitching left to be done. You can expect some scarringafter this procedure. As for the amount of money needed for thisprocedure, the cost will be somewhere from 4000$ to 6000$, and several factors (among which are the surgeon’s skills, location, areas that need to be treated and several more) will determine this figure. But there are several financing optionsthat will help you with the payment.

Risks are involved with any operation possible and so they are with theMicroLipo Liposuction technique as well. Anesthesia can lead to some serious allergicreaction, and there are also chances of developing an infection and suffering froman excessive bleeding. There are several other risks and one of them isbruising, but do not be alarmed by it because it stays only for a while and nolonger than two days. The recovery time associated with this surgery is approximatelythree days and after this period, the patient should introduce some light exercises.After the recovery time passes, the patient will feel more confident than ever andhave a breast weight which is lighter and improved breast balance. As you haveseen, this surgery involves no great risks, but it provides great benefits forthose suffering from man boobs. So if you are having this problem, look intothis solution.

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