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Abdominal Liposuction

Abdominal liposuction is the most popular type of liposuction. Most people would think that neck and face are locations on which this surgery is mostly done, but numbers show in favor of abdominal liposuction. This can be contributed to the fact that people over 40 years of age can have troubles when trying to lose fat, which is very hard to be removed in this period. The time exercises need is just too demanding for some people and liposuction is usually the solution that they choose. The abdomen area is a location on which fat deposits and one procedure that can correct this is abdominal liposuction. The fat gathered in this region creates spare tire, pot belly or beer belly, which are the popular names for this problem. The gathering in this area can be caused by genetic tendency or inherited tendency. The fat in the abdomen area is very easily removed and the procedure is very easy to perform.


Next, we will see which benefits can be expected from this procedure. The liposuction can remove the accumulated fat from almost any location. This cosmetic surgery is simple and fast, and it creates a feeling of much healthier state of the body, which is felt right after the abdominal liposuction. Just get to the nearest mirror and the results will be clearly visible. The fat can be removed in several other ways. Heart problems, diabetes and liver problems can be experienced due to the fat accumulated in the middle region. You should know that if you have a barrel shaped waist, or if hernia is located under the location on which the procedure is done, you may not undergo the abdominal liposuction. A very good body sculpting platform is a SmartLipo MPX. This workstation is used during the abdominal liposuction. It can be used on areas such as male breasts, buttocks, upper arms, thigh, and other body regions.


The patient does not have to stay at the hospital in most cases. Stay during the night is only needed when considerable amount of fat has been removed. The usual stay at the hospital is no longer than several hours. The use of a cannula, which is a tube used for the fat removal, can cause damage to the organs and be even life threatening. This can occur if larger cannula is used, which happens if a lot of fat needs to be removed. So we advise not to go on one long, but several short sessions instead. This will produce needed results without risk involved.

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