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Dry Lips

We will focus on this problem in the following text. The problem is very unattractive and painful, and it usually needs to be treated, although in most of the cases, this problem is not treated since people disregard it as not serious. In some cases, no treatment is necessary since it goes away on its own, but cases when this happens are rare. Injury to the lip tissue, as well as bleeding and tearing of the lip can occur. Also the problem may be aggravated by the black color that the lips can turn into. There are several possible culprits for the creation of this problem and we will see which they are.


The most common causes of this problem are certain lifestyle, diet and environmental factors. They can cause more benign problems, which can become much worse. We will see which causes can be treated. The skin pealing and breaking is caused by the cells dehydration. This is most associated with the dry and chapped lips and the cold weather change. Several products and health conditions can also be the cause of dry lips. If the problem is caused by these factors, or diet, it is usually a result of excessive use of the product coming from the mentioned groups. We will talk about specific causes in detail. First we will see how diet can cause dry lips. Some foods, even healthy ones, can cause dry lips, and among them are citrus and fig juices and fruits. They can trigger a toxic reason, which produces the dry lip problem. The same can happen with Vitamin A and B12 or cobalt. Other foods that can cause the problem are toothpastes, mouth washes, gum washes, and candy red dye. They contain some flavoring agents, which are associated with dry lips development. There is a lot of chemicals in the products we use. Propy gallate affects the natural oils in the lips and it can be found in lipsticks and other cosmetic products. Also, moisturizers and lip balm can create the problem, which they should treat according to the manufacturer. The causes can be located in the excessive use of acne creams and some medicines. Infection and bleeding can also be experienced in these cases. The problem may be created due to the improper maintenance of the face hygiene or the area around the lips. The natural oils are very important for the lips, so activities which hamper these oils, like drug use and smoking, can lead to dry lips.


Try to eat green leafy vegetables and other vegetables, drink plenty of water and avoid drug use and smoking. The hydration of the lips can be maintained if you put a slice of cucumber on the troubling location every evening and morning. Be sure that your lipstick is not chapped and use lustrous and herbal balms and lipsticks. You can also use antibiotics, milk cream or butter oil for the dry lip problem.

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