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About lip enlargement

Beautiful, full lips are a key element of a beautiful face. The problem is, not everyone is born with full lips, and those who once had them found out that with age they lost their shape and volume.

Esthetic medicine today offers solutions for this problem. The interventions are usually quick and minimally uncomfortable, and even the process seem to be dropping each year as the demand for this surgery rises.

Some people simply want to have fuller, better shaped lips. Others wish to repair what the time has done. With age, the corners of lips start to droop, the “Cupid’s bow”, which is the V shaped area of the top lip, starts to flatten, and fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear at the corners of the mouth.

The main thing about lip enhancement is to achieve a proper balance and symmetry. This requires an experienced esthetic surgeon who has a good eye and a sense of proportion.

Lip enlargement or enhancement is suitable for people who feel their lips should be fuller, younger looking, who want to restore the shape of their lips lost due to age, who want to smoothen the lips and prevent :lipstick bleeding”, who have asymmetric lips, and generally for everyone who is not satisfied with their lips.

Injectable fillers

The good news for everyone who wants to enhance, enlarge and improve his or her lips and restore their fullness is that today the procedures are safe, quick, with beautiful and lasting results. They are in fact favorite interventions among esthetic surgeons.

One of the best options for lip enhancement surgery are injectable lip fillers. These fillers subtly enlarge and refine the lips and the result is a nice, gentle and natural pout.

Lip fillers increase the confidence, restore the plump, sensuous look that may be lost with age and they last long. They are suitable for everyone, both men and women.

The procedure is done with anesthetic, usually topical, along with lidocaine, to numb the area and cause minimal or not discomfort at all.

The fillers are made of synthetic hyaluronic acid, which requires no allergy testing. They are injected into carefully targeted and pin-pointed areas and act immediately.

Because doctors use anesthetic, the procedure is painless, and even though there may be some bruising, in most cases the person who had a lip enhancement procedure can return to his or her normal activities immediately, or next day at worst.

Results of lip enhancement fillers last for five to seven months, after which time it can be repeated.

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