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Nearly everyone has suffered with blemishes at the some point in their lives. Acne is not just reserved for teenagers either, it can affect adults too. There are three types of acne, mild, moderate and severe. It is the severe cases that will more often than not leave the scars.

Acne Scars Home Remedy

There are quite a few options for the treatment of acne scars. They can range from creams and topical treatments to cosmetic and surgical procedures. If you are opting to try home remedies then you need to keep in mind that as much as they are effective they are not magic and if you are a sufferer of very deep scaring then you need to be aware that you will probably not totally get rid them from sight. Prevention is the best remedy one can find as you will stop yourself from having to deal with the scars, pain and anguish. Home remedies are preferred as they do not cause a person to suffer with any side effects after use. Other treatments such as the laser can cause serious damage to the skin. Home remedies are very cost effective as well and you can almost always locate the necessary ingredients in your own home.

Lemon Juice for Acne Scars

This is a very simple but very effective method for the treatment of acne scars. You will need to firstly wash your face or the affected area with a simple antibacterial soap wash. Now you can use a cotton pad and soak it in lemon juice and dab onto the scars. This can stay on the scars for around ten minutes after which it can be washed off. An important tip is to always put on a decent sunscreen if you are going outside after applying this treatment.

Baking Soda for Acne Scars

This is another very effective method for the treatment of reducing the sight of acne scars. It basically acts the same as a natural microdermabrasion agent. You will need to make a paste by putting one tea spoon of baking soda with three tea spoons of a mineral water. This will make a paste which you can apply to the scarred areas, you need to apply it in circular motions with your fingers. After a minute or so you can wash it off. You will notice your skin feels very soft after this treatment.

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