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People with Down Syndrome are, simply, regular people. Therefore, they need a sense of self-recognition and self-esteem, as well as self-fulfillment. All these aspects of personality they can get through being useful parts of the society by working and having jobs which are creative and productive.

The Tolerant World

Recently, the world has begun changing significantly, when it comes to people like individuals with Down syndrome. Basically, in the US, people with Down syndrome can get employed and are protected by the government in these endeavors of their. Subsequently, there are many companies which are more than happy to employ these people in certain sectors. Moreover, some business facilities have people with Down syndrome taking care of a whole working campus, having benefits such as free transportation from home to work and vice-versa.

The World without Discrimination

Even though this world is still fairly intolerant and tends to discriminate people, certain individuals are giving their best to rise above it and protect those who need protection. For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act disallows employers who have more than 15 employees to prevent a person with Down syndrome to work for them. Naturally, this person needs to be adequately qualified.

Moreover, the company in question, upon receiving the new worker, is obliged to make provisions allowing disabled people the necessary accommodation on the job. The ADA helps the disabled individual to apply for the job and, if received, get a good start. The jobs that people with Down syndrome usually deal with are some kinds of blue-collar jobs.

Still Room for Improvement

Despite the fact that we are getting more and more tolerant, bridging once unreachable differences between people, we still have work to do. Namely, only 1 in every 5 people with Down syndrome are currently working and are getting paid for it. Moreover, only 20% of individuals aging from 18-60 have jobs which allow them to make money.

All in all, it is time that we open our eyes and see the potential in all members of our society. People with Down syndrome deserve equal opportunities as everyone else, in areas of work they are qualified for. There are numerous working positions allowing them to be productive and creative. This kind of work will help them fulfill their dreams and manage to make a living by proving that they can be useful. We all desire this level of self-recognition and so do people with Down syndrome. They get properly educated before they set off searching for jobs. Thus, they deserve equal chances like everyone else.

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