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It is a known fact that teen age poses a big problem forboth, parents and teenagers. A lot of psychological issues might emerge and itseems like, when it comes to boys, testosterone just cannot stop flowing. Thisalso means that aggression level is greatly increased, and all that energy (bador good) has to be spent properly. That is why sport is always recommended forteenagers, or some sort of physical activities, something that will build uptheir bodies properly and also forbid them to behave badly.

Bodybuilding and teenagers

It is questionable ifbodybuilding is a right physical activity for teenagers. Skeletal growthfinishes up to the age of 18, while the entire growth ends at the age of 25,well after the teen age. So, is it good for a teenager to bulk up his musclemass? It should be safe, especially if there is no exaggeration. Although, thatmight be a problem, especially with teens since they sometimes do not want tounderstand why something is bad for them.

Supplements and teenagers

Intensive discussion exists regarding the use of muscle buildingsupplements for teenagers. At the first glance, everyone would say thatteenagers simply do not need supplements, that it just does more bad than goodthings, and there might be some truth to it, simply because some of theproducts do contain some substances that are not completely safe. Also, thesecretion of testosterone is at very high level, so high that additionalamounts of this hormone are simply not needed.

If supplements will be used, those should be as natural aspossible. It might be a good thing to get proteins from food, so taking wheyproducts is recommendable (especially after the workout session, when proteinsare needed to speed up the recovery process). Albumen protein can be found ineggs, and is excellent for use at any given time. Soy protein and casein arealso available and not dangerous. Mentioned proteins are for teenagers underthe age of 16, for example, while for older kids some other supplements can beincluded. The most popular would be creatine, one of the best muscle massgainers available in the market. Whatever the choice, if you are a teenager it would be smartto talk to your parents about bodybuilding and use of supplements. Doing somethingbehind their back will only get you in trouble. And if you are a parent, helpyour kids fulfill their dreams.

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