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Essential oil is a fragrant volatile substance obtained fromany type of aromatic or healing plant. All essential oils are completelynatural products which are only influenced by soil, water, wind and the sun. Essentialoils are a lot like fine wine, because they are never standardized, theirquality may vary largely depending on numerous factors such as the country oforigin, the exact location, the species used for the production, the growingconditions, and finally, all the care and expertise of the people who grow theplants and distill the actual oil. Lavender essential oil is known forcontaining hundreds of ingredients which are very efficient in providing thehuman body with a vast array of health benefits. Numerous scientific tests andresearches have confirmed these facts many times.

About Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has a very characteristic aroma which is sweet,herbaceous and it possesses a slight camphor note with many woody undertones.It is one of the most efficient ways of soothing and calming a person. Lavenderessential oil is good for one’s overall health and beauty and it may also servenumerous purposes around the house. One can use it to alleviate the stress orto prepare various beauty care formulas. It is very important to stress outthat only a 100 percent pure lavender essential oil must be used and it is agood idea to avoid all different sorts of synthetically manufacturedfragrances. Artificial lavender cannot outperform the natural lavenderessential oil, and it may even be dangerous in inhaled, ingested or evenapplied topically. Lavender originates from the Mediterranean regions, butnowadays it is grown virtually everywhere around the world, and the mainexporter of lavender is France. It is a woody, evergreen shrub and it can beeasily recognized by blue-violet flowers. It has been used for body careproducts and fragrant baths ever since the times of the ancient civilizations. Thename has been derived from the Latin word “lavare” which stands for “to wash”.

Lavender became popular mainly because of the efforts of thefounder of aromatherapy, R.M. Gattefosse. During his researches he applied thelavender essential oil to a burn on his hand and found out of its numeroushealth benefits.

The scent of lavender essential oil is very efficient inrejuvenating, inspiring, relaxing, energizing, soothing and balancing a person.It alleviates the stress and tension very efficiently as well.

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