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Rose essential oil is very beneficial because it provides both the physical and emotional side of a person with much relief. Most people are fully aware of the fact the sense of scent is perhaps the most powerful of all senses. Various physicians have confirmed that scent can heal the body and transform the spirit of a person. Such beliefs have existed ever since the ancient times of mankind.


Aromatherapy utilizes numerous different types of essential oils, based on the aforementioned principle that concentrated forms of various scents can be of great help in enhancing the state of mind of a person and treating several different kinds of physical ailments. One of the most popular types of essential oils is rose essential oil. Its fragrance is very rich and it is always associated with sumptuousness, romance and indulgence. Rose essential oil is commonly quite expensive, mostly due to the fact that it takes about 60 thousand roses to make just one ounce of essential rose oil.

The Extraction of Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil can be extracted by utilizing two different types of methods. The first process is simply distillation, but it is also sometimes referred to as otto. The process of distillation is known for producing plenty of rose water and only slight amounts of essential oils. Once the process is complete, the rose water has to be distilled once again so that it produces some more oil which then gets mixed with the oil extracted in the first distillation. The second method is called the effleurage method. In this process, the petals of the roses get pressed in fat in order to make the substance which is referred to as absolute. The flowers get processed in a solvent, so the absolute is actually a rather waxy substance. The second extraction of the substance produces the rose absolute. This process is much more efficient than the process of distillation because it requires 10,000 pounds of roses to produce 7 pounds of essential oil. It is also a much more cost effective process. This process provides oil which is much darker in color as well.

The Beneficial Effects of Rose Essential Oil

Rose has been used in medicine and perfumery ever since the times of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. It is still used nowadays for numerous medicinal purposes. It is known for its cooling, astringent and palliative properties, and it is very good for the health of skin and the heart.

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