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It is a common opinion and belief that pain that kidney stones might cause when passing out is definitely the kind of pain that can be compared to the pain during labor. Once the person is diagnosed with kidney stone or stones, the doctor will suggest the adequate treatment, which will have the purpose to help the person to pass it out. Only a small number of cases require surgery as a method of getting rid of them, and it usually happens when they are too large. However, since in the majority of people pain is the indicator of this problem, they are willing to do practically anything in order to relieve the pain and make sure that it never happens again. This is why the doctor’s advice is usually taken without exploring other alternatives.

Natural remedies for passing kidney stones at home

Besides medications, which are the most frequent method of treatment of kidney stones, the fact is that there is a number of home remedies that can be tried out for the same purpose, because they are known as more than effective, and they certainly are a healthier option. What is more, the whole experience might even be less painful and it might take less time because some natural substances will first dissolve the stones or break them into smaller particles.

Cranberry juice, as well as juice of lemon and orange, are well known for this potential, which is why they should be consumed as much as possible. The same goes for other fruits that contain citric acid and potassium citrate. For those who do not prefer this taste, another option is green olive oil, which is equally effective. Whichever home remedy is chosen, people can be sure that they will pass the stone or stones even within the next 24h if they use it in the right way. Drinking plenty of water is more than recommended regardless of the remedy chosen, but it might be better to use distilled water due to impurity of tap water. It might be a good idea to take in additional amounts of magnesium, because many people who suffer from kidney stones lack this mineral. Fibers might be helpful as well, because they help in flushing the body and kidneys. Juniper is an herb that is particularly popular in the treatment of kidney stones due to its healing potential, as well as due to its ability to reduce the pain.

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