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Kidney stones are a rather common disorder as they getformed from the chemicals found in urine such as calcium, phosphorus, uric andoxalic acid. They may be said like or even be the size of a bird’s egg. Thestones get formed in the kidneys because certain substances can’t be soluble ontime.

The symptoms of kidney stones includes severe pain at theureter, groin and thighs, frequent and painful urination and nausea. Sometimesa patient may even pass blood with the urine. Generally defected metabolism isthe main cause of kidney stones. Urine gets highly concentrated as a result ofheavy perspiration and not enough fluids ingested. Wrong diet which includesexcessive ingestion of sugar products and white flour can also be the cause ofkidney stones. Too much vitamin D and too little vitamin A are among thepotential causes as well.

There are various home remedies made for the treatment ofkidney stones. Kidney beans are among the best of all home remedies for allkidney problems. Basically the significantly it strengthens the kidneys and is verybeneficial in expelling the stones from the urinary tract. Celery is very goodfor preventing the formation of stones in the kidneys. A fresh apple can alsobe used against the formation of kidney stones.

Grapes have amazing diureticproperties because they are very rich in potassium salt and water and they havevery low amounts of sodium chloride and albumin. Pomegranate seeds are a verypotent herbal remedy for kidney stones. Watermelon has the highest concentrationof water and potassium salt of all fruits which gives it unbelievable diureticproperties. Carefully measured doses of vitamin B6 provide a permanent cure forkidney stones.

In order to prevent the kidney stones from developing andhelp them to be expelled as soon as possible if they develop after all, one mustcarefully plan his daily diet. Alcoholic beverages, pickles, cucumber andradish should be avoided. Calcium and phosphates should be ingested in moderateamounts only. As little proteins as possible and as much water as possible ishighly recommended.

Tomato, spinach, onion, cabbage, meat, gravies and mineralwaters can also irritate the kidneys and worsen the condition. Peas, soy, beet,carbonates and certain other substances and types of food should be avoided aswell. Kidney stones can be treated by a large warm enema followed by a hotbath.

Yoga can also be very beneficial for the kidney stones.

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