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Kidney Stones

Anyone who has experienced this problem will tell you how painful it is. Wewill focus on the ways in which these stones can be removed from the system without asurgery. The kidney can suffer from a calcified deposits and this is whatcreates the kidney stones. They are created in the location that prevents theurine flow and this causes immense pain. There is a treatment method other thansurgery, which is the last resort. You can try to remove them naturally and ifthis is what you have decided to do, we will help you by giving you some tipson how to do it.

Quick Kidney Stones passing

The first advice we can give you is to drink from 8 to 10 glasses of waterduring the day. The formation of the insoluble salts can be prevented with thisand by this, kidney stone formation is prevented as well. Also, the kidney stoneswill be more easily removed since urine production will be increased, due tothe water intake. Water removes toxins from the system as well. Lemonade can bealso consumed instead of water. The formation of the kidney stones can becaused by the calcium oxalate, and if this is the case, lemonade can help. Thisis due to the citric acid and fiber that can dissolve kidney stones and that are present in this citrus fruit. Carrot and grape juice can also be used,along with other juices from natural vegetables and fruits. One type of kidneystone, which is the cystine type, can be dissolved with citrate, which thesefoods contain. Rhubarb, condiments, grains, legumes, and other food high with oxalate shouldnot be consumed, since they can make the problem even worse. Cranberry juice and cherries canhelp as well. Some alteration of life habits also has to be introduced. If healthylife is not led, the problem may become even worse. You can prepare a remedywith one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of olive oil. By drinkinga glass of water and this remedy, the lubrication created by the olive oil willhelp with the removal of kidney stones. Sodas, coffee and other carbonated andcaffeinated drinks should be avoided, because they lead to dehydration. Youwill also need to avoid consumption of animal protein, meat, spicy food andsalt. By following the mentioned tips, the passing of the kidney stones may be made abit less painful and what is most important, surgery can be avoided.

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