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Causes and Manifestation

Kidney stones present an extremelyunpleasant condition, often connected with the pain that those who endured it canrarely compare to anything else.

Kidney stones are mainly made of crystals, and insufficient hydration is most often the main cause oftheir formation. Excessive amounts of calcium in one's organism, ageand gender may also be placed on the list of possible causes. Namely,men are more prone to suffering from kidney stones, especially ifthey are more than 40 years old. Furthermore, lifestyle regardinginsufficient intake of water or the above mentioned excessive intakeof calcium may be additional causes and reasons behind kidney stoneformation.

Depending on the manifestations, onemay have kidney stones formed because of malnutrition.Namely, acidic urine may be caused by fish or poultry in one's diet.Additionally, excessive intake of dairy products may cause calciumstones. It goes without saying that chocolate, coffee, cola andsimilar do more harm than good. All this being said, it is not hardto conclude that changes in one's nutrition and lifestyle may beexcellent ways of prevention of this condition.


As mentioned above, most of the peoplewho had their kidney stones removed remember the pain, and claim thatit will always remain one of the worst sensations in their lifetimes.

Pain truly is one of the worstmanifestations of this condition. It is mainly felt in the lower-backand abdomen area. However, with the movement of the stone itself, thepain gets moved. The worst case scenarios, regarding pain anddiscomfort, are those when the stone reaches the loin area, even theurinary tract. In some cases, people even expel larger stones alongwith their urine, claiming it to be the most painful process in theirlives. In other, more complex cases, surgical intervention isnecessary in order for the stone, or stones, to be removed.

Homeopathic Solution

Homeopathy has its solutions for thisproblem. These present a natural, safe and above all, effective wayof dealing with this condition.

Berberis Vulgaris, or, rather, themedicine made of this plant, serves as the most effectivehomeopathic medication available. Besides removing any existingstones in one's kidneys, this medicine reduces the chance of stonerenewal and possible regeneration. Also, this cure, along with allthe other positive and beneficial aspects, removes any pain thestones may cause.

Even though Berberis is not the onlycure homeopathy may have regarding this issue, it is certainly themost effective and complete one, thus making it the most valuablechoice.

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