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Kidney stones are a relatively common problem that affects many people. Most doctors recommend one remedy for flushing out kidney stones - water. This simple and safe way to flush out kidney stones usually works, but there are cases when the kidney stones cannot pass with water alone, and in those cases it is time for other, equally safe and natural remedies.

About kidney stones

Kidney stones are solid formations in the urinary tract, kidneys or urethra, which are the result of accumulation of urinary minerals. They can be small and very easy to pass, even unnoticed. They can also be quite large and difficult to pass. Sometimes kidney stones are asymptomatic and cause no symptoms at all, but in most cases they do cause certain ailments.

Symptoms of kidney stones may include pain, often very intense, located in the lower back and abdomen, in the side or in the groin, nausea and vomiting, blood or pus in urine, frequent urge to urinate with only a small amount of urine, burning and irritation.

There are several treatment options for kidney stones but the most commonly recommended one is drinking large amounts of water that is supposed to help flush the stone out with urine. However, in some cases this is not enough. Luckily, there are other options for flushing the kidney stone that are useful if the water fails to help.

Natural flush for kidney stones

If trying to flush out kidney stones with water, it is best to do so with distilled water. Tap water contains certain amount of minerals that can contribute to even larger kidney stones, and distilled water is the purest form of water, devoid of any mineral content.

It also helps to stay off spicy foods. This is very important as a means of prevention as well. Research has found that people who only eat bland foods rarely or never suffer from kidney stones.

Exercise is another vital step in the elimination of kidney stones. Sedentary lifestyle greatly contributes to the formation of kidney stones, and certain studies have also found that exercise could help break large stones into smaller ones, which are easier to pass. In addition, sweating during exercise promotes elimination of toxins.

Most kidney stones are made of calcium. Ironically, low calcium intake is one of the factors that lead to formation of kidney stones, which is why it is recommended to increase its intake during kidney stone bouts.

Foods high in sugar should be eliminated from the diet. This is a good way to prevent kidney stones from developing in the first place, and it can also be useful in the process of flushing them out.

Acidic diet is another great way to break down kidney stones. It is recommended to find out which foods are considered acidic and to increase their consumption. The same goes for foods rich in water-soluble dietary fiber.

All this, combined with ample amounts of water, should help expel even the most stubborn stones.

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