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Introduction to kidney stones

We are all fairly familiar with kidney stones and how painful they can be. This urological disorder has plagued humans for centuries and continues to do so, and the worst part is that they are very common – probably the single most common disorder of the urinary tract.

According to the most recent studies, there are about three million people visiting their doctors this year to complain of kidney stones and over half a million need to have surgeries to have the kidney stones removed and end their suffering.

However, most of the time, a person can pass a kidney stone without any type of surgery or medical intervention. Thankfully, there has also been a lot of research done on what causes kidney stones and also what can be done to prevent them from forming.

Here are some of the essential tips for avoiding the painful problem.

Tips for avoiding kidney stones

Above all, it is important to drink a lot of water. The kidney stones are created from salts and minerals that are found in urine which often stick together and drinking a lot of water will make the urine cleaner and thus help to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

The lighter in color the urine is the cleaner it is. If your urine is dark yellow in color, then you should be drinking a lot more water.

Another thing that a person can do to avoid kidney stones is to lose excess weight they might have tacked on.

Overweight people are at a much greater risk of developing kidney stones.

It is also very important to exercise regularly because inactivity will decrease the speed of the body’s metabolism, which will prevent the whole system from functioning correctly.

Not only should a person exercise, they should also watch what they are eating.

People who fear kidney stones should stay away from tea and coffee, as well as red meat, spices, refined foods like white sugar, flour and rice as well.

It is also important not to overeat.

It is important to have a high intake of citric acid and vitamin C as well, because the citrus allows the body to dissolve the stones. A good idea is to drink a lot of lemon or lime water.

More fiber needs to be consumed as well, along with less protein. High fiber intake can prevent kidney stones. Too much protein can lead to uric acid stones, which is one type of kidney stone disorder.

People should not be eating more than one serving of meat per day either.

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